Rescue for  jeeps and vehicles while offroad.

rescue off Road Call now: 050-640-9956


Jeep rescues services and towing vehicles to the road.

Our company has been providing advanced rescues service for over 17 years with experience of hundreds of off road rescuers.

We provide offroad service for travelers and cyclists and motorcycles from any area or route anywhere in the country without medical assistance at all hours of the day.

Our company has mobility for the recovery of a 4X4 vehicle with all the equipment and experience to locate the extracted in any area and quickly.

Professional offroad recovery by all the equipment, including improved and special terrain vehicles and additional equipment such as winches, snach block, anchor strips, bridle strips, etc.

We know how to deal with any route and area and with any situation while offroading, including:

rescues of SUVs that sank into the dunes or on the beach,

rescues of jeeps from a dangerous situation or in danger of overturning safely,

jeeps or SUVs that sank in mud or swamp.

rescues of SUVs from the Judean Desert or Mitzpeh Ramon because of a dangerous situation in which the jeep was found or due to a mechanical failure.

The rescue of vehicles  that were turned over and damaged our company has all the experience and knowledge and the tools to deal with any situation called us.

Our company has a special rescue vehicle that we built to deal with particularly difficult situations.

This vehicle has the ability to enter any area at any time.

including during times of severe storms or snow or floods and can cope with all weather conditions.

We have the experience of taking you out of any area and at all hours of the day and night.

If you need recovery call: 050-640-9956

The rescue is available nationwide and at all hours of the day.

You can view our recovery portfolio and be impressed.

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