Rescue Vehicle

Rescue Vehicle 4X4ESCUE

We have a number of recovery vehicles that are equipped with the best rescue equipment available in the market  for extreme off road rescues.

4×4 rescue vehicle :

Jeep  Mitsubishi's Pajero King is equipped with a front winch and provides light rescue services for jeeps and light private vehicles and not more than 4000 kg.

The Mitsubishi Jeep is fully equipped with  a lift kit and 100-meter extraction wire and rescue equipment,

Snatch block  and shekels , a powerful compressor, a siren system, radios and a number of flashlights and high quality night lights for nighttime rescuers.

Off road Rescue Vehicle

In addition, we have another jeep for rescues under extreme conditions.


This jeep  prepared to provide rescue services in extreme situations,

Including intense snow storms and floods and deal with each dune or mud successfully.

This type of vehicle: JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE.

There are a number of improvements  that help him cope with any situation and has enough power to pass any obstacle.

This Jeep has a front mounted winch.

New Kit Springs absorbers rubicon express 3.5 IN

This car is equipped with wheels Size 33 \ 10.5 \ 15 with a set of tires 100% off road of ​​TOYO company.

That tyre give a perfect grip in all areas and excellent in mud.

This vehicle is a powerful gasoline engine that can cope with pulling a vehicle out of the field.

Even if the vehicle that is being rescued can not move from any route including swamps, including dunes and sand.

This car is equipped with RALLI HELLA headlights and rear lights for rescue in difficult situations and severe lung conditions.

In addition to this vehicle, a deep cycle  battery was installed in order to cope with extremely high electrical requirements over time.

4X4RESCUE provides vehicle rescue services from the field in any situation and anywhere in the country 24 hours a day.

All our 4×4 vehicles are equipped with winches,

Anchoring strips, shekels, Snatch block, kinetic extraction strips,

Long extraction strips, extracting jacks, hi lipettes, digging tools.

All this is to provide professional and safe rescue from the field.

All equipment is standard with a safety margin to prevent failure in the middle of extraction and with high turnover.

If you need help call now: 050-640-9956.

Rescue Vehicle 4X4ESCUE
Rescue Vehicle 4X4ESCUE
Rescue Vehicle 4X4ESCUE
Rescue Vehicle 4X4ESCUE
Rescue Vehicle 4X4ESCUE
Rescue Vehicle 4X4ESCUE




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