Rescue in Palmachim

Rescue in Palmachim

Rescue in Palmachim

Rescue in Palmachim and the Soreq reserve is not a simple task,

It is important to go to the right place to get rescue without damage and without unnecessary effort to the vehicles involved.

4X4RESCUE provides vehicle rescue services from the field in any situation and anywhere in Israel.

We provide rescue services for jeeps and SUVs over 17 years and we have extensive experience.

Rescue in Palmachim

Here are some of the recent Palmachim rescues.

Towing and rescue services – Rescue at Palmachim beach

In this rescue operation carried out on the beach in Palmachim you can see a Mitsubishi Jeep Pajero King,

sinking on the water line.

The jeep driver tried to pull a motorcycle on a trailing beach in Palmachim and Shoka.

Off road Rescue  – rescue Palmachim

A Suzuki jeep stuck and there was no possibility of rescue without outside help.

The Suzuki jeep accidentally entered this area in the middle of the week while it was an active firing area.

4X4 Rescue – Rescue of Palmachim jeep

A Suzuki jeep that did not take enough air to travel through the dunes and sank deep.

At this point the driver realized that he had no choice and asked for a professional rescue.

The extractor located the soon-to-be extracted, located in Nahal Sorek, south of Palmachim.

Rescue for jeeps off road – rescue in Palmachim

The Mitsubishi Magnum van sank on the Palmachim waterfront when he tried to haul a trailer with a motorcycle on its way home.

The Mitsubishi driver finally sank into a situation where the vehicle was in the water with no possibility of movement.

We specialize in all types of rescue operations from the field and we have the knowledge and experience to deal with any situation in safety.

We have experience in rescue in every way and in every route, including the rescue of Palmachim area.

All the rescues are performed by the company's employees and not by subcontractors.

All our vehicles are equipped with new front windshields,

Our company has a special space rescue vehicle that we built to deal with particularly difficult situations and with very difficult field rescues.

This vehicle has the ability to enter any area at any time including during times of severe storms or snow or floods and can cope with all weather conditions.

The rescue was carried out by a jeep with a windshield wiper, the vehicle sank in the sands.

If you need help call now: 050-640-9956

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