off road rescue

Off road rescue.

Off road rescue is not a simple task It is important to go to the right place,

to receive recovery services without damage and without unnecessary effort to vehicles involved.

If you off road recovery call now: 053-555-1414

4X4RESCUE provides Off road rescue services  in any situation and anywhere in Israel.

Off road rescue
Off road rescue

We specialize in all types of  recovery operations and we have the

knowledge and experience to deal with a situation in safety.

We have recovery experience in every terrain and in every route

including recovery from the mud and swamps.

All the rescues are performed by the company's employees.

We are licensed by the department of motor vehicle of Israel.

rescue vehicles

We offer recovery service if you went off roading and you need assistance.

If you got stuck in the mud with you car or jeep we have the experience

to extract you to safety.

Off road rescue and recovery
Off road rescue and recovery

in case you are stuck on soft sand there are some things you can try

You can deflate the tires to about 15 PSI. then you will hae more traction

you need to dig and extract as much sand as you can from the bottom of the car.

If you have any question you can call us.

and if you question get out buy yourself feel free to call us.

Off road rescue

Each of our off road rescue vehicles is equipped with a front winch, anchoring straps

  snatch block, kinetic extraction strips.

In addition to the exceptionally long extraction straps, extracting jacks, hi lift

digging tools, .

We have extensive experience in the recovery in any route and in any area.

We are prepared for any situation 24 hours including extracting of vehicles went

offroading without the ability to drive the car.

In 20 years of activity we have rescued in every place in ​​the country.

We have extensive experience in navigation and the possibility of quick arrival to

any point.

jeep recovery
jeep recovery

including Off road recovery. in extremely difficult terrain.

Our company has a special 4X4 RESCUE vehicle that we built to deal with difficult

situations and with very difficult off road recovery.

This vehicle has the ability to drive anywhere any time

during severe storms or snow or floods, we can cope with all

weather conditions.

All equipment is standard with a safety margin, to prevent failure in the middle of

extraction and with high turnover.

We have all the tools and experience to extract from every situation.

If you need help call now: 053-555-1414

We have a particularly powerful rescue vehicle revaluation deal with all 4×4 terrain.

Types of Off road recovery. we perform:

recovery from dunes,  mud