Northern rescue

Northern rescue

Northern rescue is Our expertise and we are ready 24-7.

4X4 Rescue Company has been providing Off road vehicle rescue services for more than 17 years.

We have all the knowledge and experience to drag from the field to  the road from any possible situation.

Here is some Northern rescue videos:

Rescue vehicles off road – Rescue in Muhraka

A number of workmates went to a joint day of fun and decided to try to get the Muhraqa on a rainy winter day.

As you can see in this video it was not a good idea on this day.

Rescue 4X4 – mud rescue Kibbutz Haogen

This video took place in the winter of 2011 while the rain was pouring.

The rescuers had organized a nature party ,

and as it rained all night, they decided there was no way they could get out with all the equipment.

After we were invited, we soon realized that the only way to get them out was by pulling.

We provide rescue services throughout Israel and nationwide.

We have extensive experience in the rescue operations in every route and in every area,

We are prepared for any situation 24 hours, including the rescue of vehicles from the field without the ability to drive.

In our 17 years of activity we have rescued almost in every area of ​​the country.

We have extensive experience in navigation and the possibility of quick arrival to any point in the country, including rescue in the north.

We specialize in providing towing services in the following areas:

Off road Rescue in the north, off road rescue  in Tiberias, 4X4 rescue in Hadera, rescue in the Haifa area, 4×4 rescue Netanya.

We have a powerful rescue vehicle that can deal with any area or route.

This rescue vehicle is of the type: JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE.

With a front SUPERWINCH winch .

This jeep is equipped with wheels of size 33 \ 10.5 \ 15 with a set of tires 100% off road.

​​TOYO  Tyre company that know to give a perfect grip in any area.

The jeep has a strong gasoline engine that can handle pulling a vehicle out of any route including swamps and includes sand dunes.

Northern rescue

Types of rescue we perform:

Rescue from the north, rescue in the north from dunes, extraction from mud, towing from the field, rescue of vehicles from the field, 4×4 towing, extraction of mud vehicles, rescue of jeeps from the field,

To order rescue services for jeeps from the field, call: 050-6409956.

Our company has 100% success in rescuing SUVs while emphasizing the safety of extractors and extractors as a top priority.

After that it is important for us to remove the vehicle from the field without any damage,

we also have a garage authorized Ministry of Transport and we are prepared to provide garage services anywhere for cars that were stuck due to mechanical or electrical failure.

There are certain vehicles that have certain faults in the field and we have stock spare parts to be extracted at any time and place.

We have in stock crank sensors and other sensors for an American jeep and more.

In stock we have top and bottom bolguit for Japanese jeeps, triangles for Toyota Land Cruiser, triangles for mitsubishi.

We have all the knowledge and experience and the right tools to make all these corrections.

To order rescue services for jeeps from the field, call: 050-6409956.

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