4x4recue off-road rescue service

off-road rescue

Did you go on a family trip and need off-road resue ?
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Offroad rescue service for jeeps and SUVs
We specialize in 4×4 rescue services for jeeps and SUVs. We have all the knowledge and experience to reach you at any point in the country and provide solutions to rescue the area from any situation. Always recommended to contact a serious and professional company with extensive experience in rescues from the field, anywhere in the country without medical assistance

We have been providing car salvage service for over 17 years with 100% success.

We provide field service for travelers and cyclists and cyclists from any area or route of the day.

Our company has mobility to extract 4X4 vehicles with all the equipment and experience to locate the extracted in every area and quickly. Professional field pioneers by all the equipment including special and improved surface vehicles and additional equipment such as winches, power cords, anchoring straps, etc.

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